Our 2022 Conference: Exploiting Digital for sustainable FM


Our 2022 Conference: This short virtual conference examines how current and future digital innovations can help us to deliver a safer, more productive and sustainable built environment.

Online - Webinar

Date & time

Tuesday, 22 February 2022, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

This is for anyone who wants to hear how digital technologies can help deliver measurable a safe, productive and sustainable built environment. Whether you’re new to the topic or an expert, a customer, facilities manager, supplier, or end user of the built environment, use of digital data and technologies is fast becoming the expected standard.  With buildings now designed and delivered using digital data, our future sustainability depends on it, including achieving zero net carbon, reducing waste and how we adapt to deliver safe, healthy and productive places to live, work, learn, heal and play. 

But how do we make best use of digital project handover information, creating that hugely valuable ‘golden thread’?  How do we do this when most of our built environment is here already?  How do we use digital to become more efficient rather than just “data collectors”? What other digital innovations are out there that could change the way we all operate?

By attending this session you will:

  • Get to grips with this topic using clear, understandable, practical examples with polls and Q&A
  • Understand what is really meant by the phrase “digital twin”
  • Learn about the massive implications of the new Building Safety Bill for asset managers and owners, and how digital solutions will be essential in responding to the Bill’s requirements including meeting Dutyholders' obligations
  • Understand how simulating maintenance and safety procedures using digital can assist in training and asset upkeep
  • Hear how digitising product choice and waste data can provide “end to end” solutions, saving time, money, carbon and reducing risk
  • Preview some of the new tools and innovations that are ‘just around the corner’.

Speakers Include

  • George Stevenson, Managing Director, Active Plan
  • Steven Duffy, Reality Capture Specialist, Leica Geosystems
  • Glyn Matthews, Digital Transformation Manager, Sunbelt Rentals
  • Jamie Roberts, Director of Managed Accounts, Reconomy
  • Cara Kennelly, Social Sustainability Manager, Vinci Facilities
  • Laura Mayhew-Manchon, Environmental Manager, Skanska
  • Petra Parizkova, Responsible Business Manager - Central Functions, Equans


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