Leading People Inclusively


Join us to lead more inclusively!

Marshalls Design Space
4 Compton Courtyard, 40 Compton St,

Date & time

Tuesday, 17 March 2020, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Find out how to lead people, inclusively!
The behaviour of leaders determines the culture of their workplaces. This course is for people who manage, supervise or influence people at work, and who want to improve their own performance so that their sites and offices can become even better working environments, for everyone. 

Aim of the session: 

To provide managers and leaders with the opportunity to explore their own biases and preferences when managing others and to actively seek out and consider different views and perspectives to inform better decision-making. To use feedback to increase their self-awareness. To explore how staff diversity is a source of competitive advantage that, once inspired, can drive organisational and individual performance towards a shared vision.

This masterclass will allow you to:

  • Understand your individual leadership and the impact of inclusive behaviour on staff and colleagues 
  • Understand the importance and legal considerations of diversity in relation to the Equality Act 2010
  • Be aware of unconscious bias and the impact on listening, seeking out and taking account of the views of diverse people 
  • Be aware of how your own behaviour can contribute to, or help to prevent, discrimination and harassment
  • Put effort into helping diverse people identify their talents and develop them for performance now and future advancement 

Note: This intermediary level workshop assumes some prior knowledge of FIR. Before you attend therefore, please complete one of our two introductory e-learning courses on Fairness, Inclusion and Respect ("Achieving Business Success through Fairness inclusion and Respect" and "Fairness, Inclusion and Respect on site: why it matters and how to achieve it")

If you have any questions, please email Sara

Current School status re: Coronavirus: At this present time we are not intending to change the format, or cancel, any events, activities, meetings or projects the Supply Chain Sustainability School are running. However, we are closely monitoring the situation and advice provided by the Government and will act accordingly. Should there be a need to cancel any training events you will be informed as soon as any decision is made so please keep an eye out for these communications which will come via email and also stated on our website. Should there be a need to cancel events or meetings, the School will endeavour to run a version of the event via webinar or meetings remotely wherever possible.


Fairness Inclusion and Respect
Scotland, Wales, Construction, FM, Homes, Infrastructure

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