Welsh Retrofit Revolution: Advancing Sustainable Social Housing | Virtual Conference


Learn about the different retrofit measures being implemented and their effectiveness in achieving sustainable social housing


Date & time

Wednesday, 14 February 2024, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

What is this session about?

Social housing constitutes 10% of Welsh homes, and as these homes need to achieve an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C or higher in the near future, there's an immense journey ahead of us. This journey is full of opportunity for businesses across the UK.

While retrofitting social housing is taking place across the UK, this conference focuses on the Welsh market. However, the valuable insights and lessons learned here apply nationwide.

At this conference, you'll have the opportunity to engage with key stakeholders in the retrofitting of social housing, including representatives from the Welsh government overseeing funding and progress, professionals implementing changes within their housing stock, contractors responsible for executing the retrofit measures, and experts addressing the skills gap challenge to ensure the success of these vital initiatives.

Our esteemed speakers will provide diverse perspectives, including:

  • A policy expert who will set the stage by outlining the policy and funding framework and the role of social housing in the Welsh context.
  • A case study on a successful social housing retrofit project, providing practical insights and inspiration.
  • An in-depth examination of how the skills gap is being tackled, offering solutions and strategies to overcome this challenge.

What will I achieve?

By attending this session, you will understand:

  • The Context, Progress and Funding in Wales: Explore the current status and progress of social housing retrofit projects in Wales, including the unique challenges, opportunities and funding in this region – and how this relates to your business.
  • Retrofit Measures and Their Success Rates: Discover the different retrofit measures being implemented and their effectiveness in achieving sustainable social housing.
  • Skills and Schemes to Bridge the Gap: Learn about the strategies and programs aimed at addressing the skills gap, ensuring that the necessary workforce is equipped to meet the demands of these transformative projects.

Who will I hear from?

  • Darren Hatton, Head of Housing Standards for Welsh Government
  • Nick Abbott, Procurement and Value for Money Manager at Linc Cymru
  • Owain Israel, Senior Asset Manager at Linc Cymru
  • Jayne Jones, Head of Business Development for NPTC Group of Colleges
  • Anne-Marie Ratcliffe, Senior Project Manager at Sero

What are the technical requirements?  

You will need:  

  • Internet connection 
  • A computer with microphone and camera is best (e.g. a PC/laptop/iMac/MacBook) 
  • Earphones/headphones/speakers (preferable) 
  • A tablet/iPad/smart phone/iPhone to load facilitation tools 

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Energy and Carbon, Training and Skills, People And Retrofit
120 mins

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